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Tobi has been making balloons for a living since 2007 and says it has given her the freedom to travel the world and live a balanced live.



This is the age that we are learning about textures and colors. I focus on teaching this age the different colors and encourage them to look at balloons as you would your bubbles. They will pop, but we love them just the same.

This age range we love to explore and make balloons ourselves. So anyone that wants to give it a go, I will hand them a half-inflated balloon to try and "make something", while I am making their creation. This helps them understand the complexity of the art. I am often asked to create a personalized Balloon Arch or other Balloon Decorations for this age group.


This age group loves to interact, take selfies, or make their own creation. So I get them cool photo frames, kissable balloons and then get my "balloon artist novices" started with their own balloons. favorite "kids" at heart

The Romantics..."I would love to surprise my girlfriend with a red rose balloon, can you make one with a long green stem?"

The challengers..."Can you make anything, make me a crabby patty!" or "I would like you to make sushi out of balloons"

The entertained..."Do you see how fast her hands are flying?"

The proud.."I would like you to make a Minion for my...2 week old daughter".

The giver..."Can you make my sister a black horse with a brown lead?"

The artist..."Can you make "Me" out of balloons, trying to capture the color and texture of my dress and hair?

tobi McJunkin

 provides  Party Entertainment in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe,  AZ  and surrounding areas

Certified Balloon Artist,  Taulbee "Tobi" McJunkin, is an Award Winning Balloon Artist spreading the joy of balloon art throughout the Phoenix, Arizona area. She holds a degree in business management and been asked to entertain for some of the world's most rich and famous. Her passion for her art is only surpassed for her passion to make the world a better place.

Tobi is available to create large balloon sculptures and has built a team to successfully fill ballrooms to transform and amaze!


Balloon Twisting & Face Painting

for events of all sizes