​​​​​​​​For a limited time....

Deluxe Balloon Twisting rates:

$75 for 45 minutes

​$100 for 60 minutes

​$200 for 2 hours

​$300 for 3 hours

​$400 for 4 hours

​(Travel fees may apply)

FAQ for Tobi's Balloon Twisting:

Q: How do I check your availability?

A: Email me using the form below or text me at 562-980-2770 with the date of your party, the services you would like, the city the party will take place and the time you need me.

Q: Do you make custom designs?

A: Send me an email with an idea and I will reply with a few options.

Q: I read that you are a CBA - Certified Balloon Artist, what is this exactly?

A: Certified Balloon Artists' obtain a certificate after a series of training and interviews by a panel of other CBA's. It ensures an artists' understanding of the balloon industry and balloon art design concepts.

Q: Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the party and a copy of your business license?

A: Yes

​Q: Do you travel to a birthday party out of state?

A: I do travel as long as travel expenses are covered.

​Q: When do I pay you?

​A: Payment is due once my time is completed.

​Q: What forms of payment do you accept? I prefer cash or check, or PayPal.


Balloon Twisting & Face Painting

for events of all sizes